Stability Ball Cobra - Posture Improving Exercise

There are some exercises that you look forward to doing in your next workout then there are exercises like the stability ball cobra. Since the cobra is an anti- bad posture exercise for many people, it is a battle of the weak posterior deltoids and scapular retractors against the tight pectoral muscles that makes the exercise difficult and/or painful.

The benefits outweigh the bad things about the stability ball cobra as proper posture it promotes will help your body perform at optimal levels. Unlike the floor prone cobra, which involves the glutes and lower back muscles, the stability cobra only focuses on the shoulders and upper back.


bosu cobra lower back exercise videos workout videoRequired Fitness Equipment

Stability Ball

Target Muscle(s)

Posterior Deltoids

Rhomboids, Middle Trapezius

Lower Back (erector spinae) (stabilization)




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