Stability Ball Cable Rope Crunches

For those who are lucky enough to have great abdominal strength or have trained so that you find stability ball crunches getting easy, you can make it tougher by adding some resistance in the form of a cable pulley with rope attachment. Abdominal exercises with added resistance have always been a favorite exercise among bodybuilders who want to get that ripped six pack abdominal look.

Since most exercises for the abdominals, which consist predominantly of type-I slow twitch muscle fibers are done in sets with high reps, extra resistance can help hypertrphy (make bigger) the abdominal muscle. The larger the muscle, the more predominant will the ripped look provided body fat percentage is low enough. Even if body fat percentage is not as low as you would like, abdominal exercises with resistance such as these stability ball cable rope crunches can help your abs be visible at higher levels of body fat.

stability ball cable rope crunches 6pack ab exercise videos six pack abs

Equipment Needed

Stability Ball

Free Motion or Low Cable






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