Stability Ball BOSU Plank - Advanced Core Exercise

If you have multiple exercises balls the possibilities for interesting, fun and challenging core exercises are never ending. By adding a BOSU balance trainer to the mix the arms on stability ball plank or the advanced stability ball plank become even more challenging for the core.

It should be noted that advanced core exercises such as this stability ball BOSU plank are not required by any means. There are many substitutes you can do to get just as much work in for your core. The point of having these exercise video examples is to demonstrate different ways to progress the core exercises and have fun.

You can perform this advanced core exercise at any time during your core workouts. It is also a good exercise to use in-between resistance training exercises during a circuit training routine.

Safety Considerations for this Exercise

Any exercise where you are on balancing on a stability can be dangerous if you fall off and there are dangerous objects in the vicinity. Make sure if you fall, there is nothing that can seriously injure you. The risk of falling on this exercise increases if you have the BOSU on a slick surface. If your BOSU is on a slick surface, it could slide backward during this exercise causing you to possibly fall off the stability ball.


Stability Ball bosu plank core exercise videosEquipment Needed

Stability Ball

BOSU Balance Trainer

Target Muscle(s)

Core (Transverse Abdominis)


Shoulder stabilizers


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