Stability Ball Back Crunch

The lower back has always been a very important part of the body to strengthen and you can easily strengthen those muscles with only your body weight and a stability ball. Doing the back crunch on the stability ball also introduces more core stabilization to the exercise.

The Swiss ball back crunch is a lower back exercise which most people will not need to add resistance. Start the exercise with your arms around your chest then you can increase the resistance simply by moving your arms behind your head. If need be, you can hold a weight plate across your chest or behind your head for added resistance.

You can do this Swiss ball exercise at any part of your lower back workout. If you plan to perform this exercise during any workout where you plan to do any exercises which compress the spine heavily, such as squats, dead lifts or military press, make sure you DO NOT do the back crunch before those aforementioned exercises as any resulting fatigue increase the risk of lower back injury.

Safety Concerns Associated with the Stability Ball Back Crunch

Most exercises, no matter how harmless they appear can be dangerous if the wrong situation presents itself. Since your abdominal cavity is compressed while you are lying on the ball under the pressure of your body weight, this exercise is a definite no-no for certain people.

First of all, if you like to workout on a full stomach or after a meal, you may vomit due to the pressure. Women who are pas the 1st trimester of pregnancy should avoid this as well as those who have mononucleosis as it could cause the spleen to rupture which can be fatal if proper medical care is not received promptly.

Aside from the aforementioned dangers, the actual exercise is unlikely to cause any acute injuries. The only real injury concern is for those who have chronic bad posture problems. Those with lumbar lordosis which exhibits excessive lumbar curvature should not perform the stability ball back crunch as it will not help them fix their problem.


stability ball back crunch lower back exercise videos workout videoRequired Fitness Equipment

Stability Ball

Target Muscle(s)

Lower Back (erector spinae)




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