Spiderman Push-Ups

Most exercises have names which refer to variables such as the muscles involved, motion and equipment used. That is obviously not the case with Spiderman push-ups as they are named because you resemble the Marvel Comics super hero Spiderman when you are doing them. Spiderman push-ups are a variation of the standard floor pushup which progresses the difficulty by increasing the demand for core stabilization and functional flexibility. Spiderman push-ups can be performed in a set by doing a number of reps with one foot up and then switching or switching which leg is forward for every other rep. Spiderman push-ups can be used for any chest workout, at which point during the workout will vary greatly depending on the training level of the person doing them.

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Required Fitness Equipment


Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Triceps, Anterior Deltoids




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