Sled Chest Press

The power sled is a great piece of fitness equipment whether you are looking to power or strength train. The sled chest press is no exception as it can be used for building explosive power in the chest by trying to slide the sled as far as possible during each rep, or it can be used for strength by completing each repetition under complete control. If you perform the sled chest press for power make sure there is enough weight on the sled and the cable gives you enough room to avoid being hit by the sled as it is coming at you. The sled chest press is best used as your primary pushing exercise during a sled workout or at any point of a working which includes other forms of resistance in addition to the sled.

Chest Pec Anatomy

Equipment Needed

Power Sled

Olympic Plates

Power Rings

(or cables w/Handles)

Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)

Anterior Deltoids/Triceps


Core & Legs


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