Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

If you are looking to build your deltoids and overall upper body strength, seated dumbbell shoulder press is undoubtedly going to be one of your primary exercises in your workout program. The exercise is simple and will allow you to work most of the muscles in the upper body including deltoids, the upper chest and triceps. There are numerous ways to perform the dumbbell shoulder press but the most common involves sitting on a bench with a back support and starting with the dumbbells around shoulder level. Most people bring the dumbbells to the center at the top of the motion but this is optional because it involves the upper trapezius rather than the deltoids which you are likely trying to focus on. Dumbbell shoulder press is a compound exercise which should be performed as one of the first or 2nd exercises in your shoulders workout.


seated dumbbell shoulder press deltoid exercise videos workout videosRequired Fitness Equipment


Adjustable Weight Bench - (Optional)

Target Muscle(s)

Medial Deltoids, Anterior Deltoids




Shoulder Stabilizers



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