Seated Dual Cable Curls

Known by many names such as "biceps peaks" seated dual cable curls are a great exercise for isolating the biceps. Since the arms are both out to the side, you have less ability to cheat by using other muscles and/or jerking your body around which is commonly done during standard dumbbell curls. The most important form guideline for seated dual cable curls is to relax your shoulder joints completely as well as keep your wrists in a neutral alignment (do not flex your forearms). If you follow these 2 form tips you will ensure you completely isolate your biceps. You can set up a cable crossover, use a free motion or even use a single arm at a time on a single high cable. Seated dual cable curls is a favorite exercise for bodybuilders to use near the end of their biceps isolating workouts.


seated dual cable curls biceps workout bicep videosEquipment Needed

Cable Crossover / Free Motion

Target Muscle(s)

Biceps Brachii







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