Reverse Grip Bench Press

Just because you hardly see people perform an exercise in the gym it does not mean it is not good. This is definitely the case with reverse grip bench press which may look awkward and pointless but in fact it is a tremendous exercise for the triceps. In order to perform reverse grip bench press correctly you will need to get comfortable with the grip which feels drastically different than the standard bench press but is just as stable after you take some time to get used to it. Un-racking the barbell alone is another big difference because you must scoot yourself backwards (as compared to normal bench press) so that your lower chest is below the bar as opposed to having the bar directly on top of your eyes. The actual motion differs greatly from the standard bench press because you must bring your elbows closer to your body and lower the bar towards your lower chest. Be sure to re-rack the barbell with care. The reverse grip bench press is likely going to be your heavy triceps exercise in any workout involving the triceps so it should be the first triceps exercise if you plan to go heavy. You can also use the reverse grip bench press as a 'finisher' exercise to completely fatigue the triceps and chest but make sure to have a spotter as the triceps tend to give out suddenly.

bench pressRequired Fitness Equipment


Loaded Barbell

Target Muscle(s)




Anterior Deltoid



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