Reverse EZ Curls (Standing)

When working the arms many people tend to get obsessed with the biceps and fail to hit the brachioradialis and brachialis muscles which also contribute significantly to the size of the arms. Reverse curls really hit all three major arm muscles and can really help improve grip as well. They will not give you the ripped looking peaks that biceps curls are performed for, but they can help increase the size of your upper arms and forearms. Remember, no exercise is going to burn fat from your biceps so if you want more definition, first check your body fat levels to see if you should be spending the time you are doing curls on a cardio machine. Since they really fatigue your forearms and grip, standing reverse EZ curls should be performed towards the end of any workout involving the biceps and/or back.


reverse ez curls best biceps workout bicep videosEquipment Needed

Loaded EZ Curl Bar

Target Muscles



Forearms (isometric)

Biceps Brachii




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