Resistance Band Triceps Extensions

One of the most basic exercises with resistance bands, resistance band triceps extensions are an isolation exercise for the triceps brachii muscle. The set-up simply involves anchoring the resistance band as high as you can. NOTE: you can perform this exercise kneeling on floor if high surface is not available.

Making sure your upper body is upright and in good posture which includes retracted shoulder blades and a tight, drawn in core you simply extend both arms while your elbows are in at your sides. Increased resistance can be accomplished by using additional or a stronger resistance band, or moving further away from the origin of the resistance bands.

Since triceps extensions are an isolation exercise, they should be performed after the most intense compound movements in multiple body part workouts (for most circumstances). In addition to adding resistance you can change up the angle and orientation in which you perform the triceps extensions. Also see: Multiple triceps extensions with resistance bands.




tube multiple triceps extensions workout videos tricep exercise videosEquipment Needed

Resistance Bands

Target Muscle(s)





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