Resistance Band Exercise Videos - Tube Exercises

Can you Really Achieve Benefits from Exercises Resistance BandsTO Bands Resistance Band Set

First of all, resistance bands (more common name for surgical tubing) were never meant to take the place of all the equipment in the gym such as dumbbells, barbells and cable machines. While infomercials for the products suggest they are superior, they are in fact neither superior nor inferior than the aforementioned fitness equipment. On the other hand, resistance band exercises offer benefits that you cannot get from free weights and vice versa.

The physical advantage of resistance bands during exercise derives from their stretching property. Their stretch makes exercises more difficult as the range of motion increases. This can help you strengthen your muscles at different points which could allow you to balance out your muscles if you have weaknesses at the end of the range of motion.

The majority of resistance band users will not likely be too concerned with the resistance being at the end of the range of motion but rather simply the resistance.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Resistance Band Exercises

First and foremost, perform each and every motion under complete control when using resistance bands. Unless you are specifically trying to be more explosive and have been instructed to do so, make sure you feel the tension on your muscles through the entire range of motion.

Resistance Band Exercises for the Chest
Resistance Band Chest Press
Tube Chest Press
Close Grip Band Triceps Press
Close Grip Band Press


Resistance Band Exercises for the Back
Prone Resistance Band Lat Pulls
Prone Resistance Band Lat Pulls
Tube Squat and Row
Tube Squat and row
Tube Pull Overs
Tube Pullovers
Tube Lat Pulldowns
Resistance Band Lat Pulldowns
Heavy Tube Rows
Heavy Tube Rows


Resistance Band Exercises for the Shoulders
Tube Lateral Raises
Tube Lateral Raises
Stability Ball Tube Shoulder Press
Stability Ball Tube Shoulder Press


Biceps Resistance Band Exercises
Tube Biceps Curls (Tube under Feet)
Tube Biceps Curls
Supine Resistance Band Biceps Curls  (Tube in Door)
Supine Tube Biceps Curls


Resistance Band Exercises for the Triceps
Multiple Triceps Extensions (3x)
Tube Multiple Triceps Extensions
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Overhead Tube Triceps Extensions
Close GripTriceps Press
Close Grip Tube Triceps Press
Resistance BandTriceps Kickbacks
Tube Triceps Kickbacks


Resistance Band Exercises for the Abdominals & Obliques
Tube Toe Raises
Tube Toe raises
Tube Bench Crunch
Tube Bench Crunches
 Resistance Band Torso Rotation
tube torso twist
Resistance Band Stability Plank
Resistance Band Advanced Plank
High Resistance Band Torso Rotation
high tube torso rotation
Low Resistance Band Torso Rotation (Golf Swings)
Low Tube Torso Rotations
Lunge Tube Reverse Wood Chops
Lunge Tube Reverse Wood Chops
Tube Stability Ball Crunch
Resistance band crunches on stability ball