Preacher Curls

There is nothing secret about the purpose of preacher curls. They are not for increasing athletic performance or building functional strength in any way but they are great for building the biceps. Many consider the preacher curl to actually work the insertion of the biceps (lower biceps, part of biceps closest to the elbow). Preacher curls can be performed numerous ways, the most common being using an EZ curl bar and a 'preacher' which is a bench complete with barbell rack specifically designed for preacher curls. The 'preacher' bench is not required as you can rig one with a normal incline weight bench. Preacher curls can be used at any point of a biceps-only workout but should be used towards the end of any training split that works back and biceps together.


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Required Fitness Equipment


Adjustable Incline Bench

Target Muscle(s)

Biceps (lower)





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