Power Sled Triceps Kickbacks

Isolation exercises for a single muscle are not the specialty of the power sled but you can perform them with the power sled. For the triceps, you can use a light weight and perform power sled triceps kickbacks by leaning forward at around a 90 degree angle with your torso parallel to the ground while facing towards the power sled. You can grip the handles or rings either way as you try to keep your elbows pinned towards your side while extending your arms either explosively or slowly. If you are using power sled triceps kickbacks in your program use them towards the end of your power sled workout after you have performed the compound exercises. If you have other options such as cable machines, dumbbells or resistance bands they likely will be more effective than this power sled exercise.

Triceps AnatomyEquipment Needed

Power Sled

Olympic Plates

Power Rings

(or cables w/Handles)




Core & Legs




Power Sled is Great piece of Exercise Equipment

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