Power Sled Torso Twist

The obliques are a very important muscle if you are involved in any activity with a rotational component. Since many sports such as tennis, baseball, football, kickboxing, etc. heavily involve transverse plane (rotational) motions the power sled torso twist is probably the most functional, sport-specific exercise you can choose to do for your obliques. Of course if your goal is to help develop more power for those swings, throws, kicks and/or punches you need to do in your activity, performing the power sled torso twist explosively is going to benefit most. If you are simply looking to tone your mid section, you can slowly perform this exercise although it may not be the most natural feeling.


ObliquesEquipment Needed

Power Sled

Olympic Plates

Power Rings

(or cables w/Handles)

Target Muscle(s)








Power Sled is Great piece of Exercise Equipment

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