Power Sled Squat and Row

When you're not running with the sled attached to your waist, using the power sled squat and row is the next most intense, full body exercise you can do on the power sled. You can really load up the weights for the power sled squat and row and give it all you got because just a few reps and you will rapidly tire. This being said, if you want to use maximum weight the power sled squat and row should be the first exercise you do in a sled workout. If you want to concentrate more on muscular endurance, you can use less weight and perform the power sled squat and row later in your workout. If you only do one power sled exercise this is the one to choose to get the maximal benefits from the power sled.


Legs ExercisesEquipment Needed

Power Sled

Olympic Plates

Power Rings

(or cables w/Handles)

Target Muscle(s)

Upper Back



Core & Legs



Power Sled is Great piece of Exercise Equipment

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