Power Sled Biceps Curls

While the power sled was not designed for small muscle isolation exercises it does not mean you can't use it for them. Whether the power sled is the only piece of fitness equipment available or you simply want to try something different power sled biceps curls are an effective way to work the biceps. You can perform this exercise 2 primary ways. The first is the standard for power sled exercises in which you powerfully exert your biceps curl enough to pull slide the sled as far as possible. Since the biceps are not really meant for this type of action, you can also perform the motion slow and controlled which if there is enough weight, will feel almost exactly like a standard dumbbell, cable or barbell biceps curl. The power sled biceps curls will likely be one of the last exercises you do in a sled workout.

biceps anatomyEquipment Needed

Power Sled

Olympic Plates

Power Rings

(or cables w/Handles)


Biceps Brachii



Core & Legs


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