Partner Plank - Advanced Core Exercise

The floor plank is difficult enough for most people to hold without additional resistance to their own body weight. For those who have developed an extremely strong core through training and need extra resistance a workout partner can perform the plank on the other person's back for extra resistance. This is an advanced exercise and should not be attempted unless both involved have extremely good core strength.

No exercise program should require this exercise and not everyone should even consider it. Like many advanced core exercises, the partner plank is simply a progression to make the exercise more difficult which in turn makes the workouts more fun and interesting. One set of the partner plank could be the 'burnout' or 'finisher' exercise to any core workout.

Safety Considerations for the Partner Plank

As mentioned above, the partner plank is for advanced exercisers. Those who can hold all other forms of the plank for long periods of time with perfect form are the only people who will benefit from partner plank. Even if both participants have very strong cores the partner plank can still be dangerous if the person on top chooses the wrong position.

To avoid any injury be sure to communicate with each other to determine the best placement to plank on the bottom person's back. If the weight of a workout partner is too much or you are working out by yourself and want to be challenged more by the plank, putting a weight plate on your back will suffice. To keep this advanced core exercise as safe as possible, the person who is planking on top must be prepared and have the ability to quickly dismount when the bottom person is completely fatigued.


partner plank core exercise videosEquipment

Workout partner

Target Muscle(s)

Core (Transverse Abdominis)



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