One Leg Squats

Single leg squats are a functional exercise which can be performed on any elevated surface such as weight bench, plyo box or stairs. The most common way to perform one leg squats is to put your arms out in front of you as a counter-balance and then lower one foot off the side of the step towards the floor. Performing a pelvic tilt and not moving your knee too far forward will insure you get the most benefit out of these. The one leg squat really forces you to work your balance so if your range of motion is very limited you may want to attempt the one leg support squats until you master the balance required for deep one leg squats. One leg squats can be done as part of a general warm-up or towards the end of any lower body workout.



one leg squats legs workout exercise videosRequired Fitness Equipment

Elevated Step, Plyo Box, or Bench

Target Muscle(s)

Glutes, Hamstrings



Hamstrings, Inner/outer Thighs




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