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What You should Know before you do the Obliques Exercise Videos

Your 'obliques' consist of the left & right internal oblique muscles along with the left & right external oblique muscles. The pair of oblique muscles work in unison to rotate your torso from side to side at the waist. It is very common for people to wonder which oblique muscle they are working when they perform rotational obliques exercises for this this reason.  The answer is usually the internal oblique on one side and the external oblique on the other side.

The obliques also assist in flexion sometimes. Finally the obliques also assist the quadratus lumborum in lateral flexion of the spine which is the motion of the exercise commonly referred to as side bends. Side bends are the most common exercise people perform when attempting to work the obliques but in reality they are a very poor obliques exercise. As you will notice when you watch these oblique exercise videos, the most effective exercises are those which involve torso rotation.

Why Perform Oblique Exercises

Your fitness goals will determine the reason for performing oblique exercises as well as the way you perform the exercises.  If your goal is to get a toned mid-section or even six pack abs, performing sets slow and controlled and using high repetitions is your best bet.  If your goal is to develop explosive rotational power such as the ability to throw a ball, swing a bat for sports or kick and punch for martial arts, you would benefit more from explosive oblique exercises which mimic your sports-specific rotational activity.


Floor & Hanging Obliques Exercise Videos
Twisting Hanging Leg Raise
twisting hanging leg raise
Side Turns
Floor Side Turns
Twisting Toe Raises
Twisting toe raises
Standing Barbell Twist
bar side twist
Standing Side Barbell Twist
Side Barbell Twist


Stability Ball Obliques Exercise Videos
Ball Side Turns
stability ball side turns
Stability Ball Side Crunch
stability ball side crunch
Stability Ball Russian Twist
stability ball russian twist
BOSU Ballast Ball Twisting SitUps


Resistance Band Exercises for the Obliques
Resistance Band Torso Rotation
tube torso twist
High Resistance Band Torso Rotation
high tube torso rotation
Low Resistance Band Torso Rotation (Golf Swings)
Low Tube Torso Rotations


Cable Exercises for the Obliques
Cable Gravediggers (Low to High Torso Twist)
Cable Reverse Wood Chop Gravediggers
Cable Wood Chops
Cable Wood Chops
High Cable Bar Wood Chops
high cable bar wood chops
Total Gym Torso Twist
Total Gym Torso Twist
Total Gym Twisting Iso High Rows (iso lateral = 1 side at a time)
total gym twisting high rows
Total Gym Twisting Rows
Total Gym Twisting Rows
Cable Push Pull
Cable Multi Push Pull
Alternating High Cable Bar Wood Chops
Alternating High Cable Bar Wood Chops


Medicine & BOSU Ballast Ball Obliques Exercise Videos
Medicine Ball Wood Chops
Med Ball Woodchops
Medicine Ball Twist
seated med ball twist
Medicine Ball Wood Chop Spike
Med Ball Woodchop Spike
BOSU Ballast Ball Twisting SitUps


Power Sled Obliques Exercise Video
Power Sled Torso Rotation
Power Sled Torso Rotation


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