Multiple Grip Bench

The barbell bench press is no doubt the most popular chest exercise and for whatever reason everyone is trying to increase theirs. Since many men perform the bench press multiple times per month and even every week, plateau is very common. One way to combat plateau is to use multiple grips in order to basically choose which muscles will be doing the bulk of the work at any given moment. This allows you to pick out which muscle you want to work the most during this compound exercise. In addition to fighting plateau, the multiple grip bench press is also good for helping people increase their bench by eliminating a weak link. For example, if the triceps are the weak link during the bench press, the close grip bench press (in which the triceps perform most of the work) could be performed first, so they will not be the limiting factor at the end of the set. This works with the pecs as well.

multiple grip bench pressRequired Fitness Equipment


Loaded Barbell

Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)

Triceps, Anterior Deltoids


Shoulder Stabilizers


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