Multi Grip Lat Pulldowns

Lat pull downs was likely one of the first exercises you ever did. While standard lat pull downs will always be an effective exercise for the lats and biceps, it is really easy to plateau. Using multiple grips for a super-set or multiple sets is a great way to 'mix it up' in hope that your muscles will continue to progress. Using these multi grip lat pulldowns is also great for those who have weakness in the lats or synergistic dominance where the biceps do most of the work. In either case, different grips can be used at different points during the set to either pre-fatigue the dominant synergists or let the fatigued lats be used less than the synergists.


multi grip lat pulldowns back workout videos exercise video 
Equipment Needed

High Cable, Lat Bar

Target Muscle(s)

Latissimus Dorsi


Biceps Brachii, Brachialis, Brachioradialis




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