Modified French Press

Using the same exercises over and over again is not only monotonous but it can prevent your muscles from getting the results you truly desire. The French press is an effective isolation exercise for the triceps but it can be especially rough on the elbow joints. Modifying the French Press by lessening the torque at the elbow joint can not only make it more tolerable for some people, but it can be used along with the French press for a more complete triceps workout. The modified French press involves holding a loaded EZ curl bar (a straight barbell may be used as well) around your chest and extending it straight above/behind your head in an almost straight horizontal (in relation to the lying position) line. The modified French press can be used during any workouts which involve the triceps.

modified french press triceps workout videosEquipment Needed

EZ Curl Bar

Target Muscle(s)



Latissimus Dorsi





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