Medicine Ball Wood Chops

Wood chops are used to exercise the obliques and medicine ball wood chops simply use the med ball as resistance to increase the demand on the obliques muscles. Medicine ball wood chops are probably only going to be used during an abdominal and core exercise session. There are a variety of different form to wood chop exercise, which to use depends on your fitness goals. If your goal is to strengthen and tone the abdominal region, medicine ball wood chops are best performed by trying to keep a rigid as possible torso and upper body, forcing your to stabilize all your core muscles. If your goal is sport performance and are looking to increase explosive rotational power, you will want to makes these more of a full body exercise with movement at all joints as power is transferred to and from each joint. Increasing the difficulty of the medicine ball woodchop can be done by either using a heavier medicine ball, or increasing the instability of the surface. You can do this by simply putting both of your feet toegether or standing on an unstable surface such as a wobbly board or BOSU balance trainer.


oblique exercise videosEquipment Needed

Medicine Ball

Target Muscle(s)



Hip Flexors


Shoulders / Arms

everlast soft medicine ball



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