Medicine Ball Twist

Beginners will not get the best benefits if they jump right into advanced exercises. In an optimal training program there should be a progression from easier to more difficult and complex exercises. The medicine ball twist is a simple exercise which teaches beginners to keep their trunk and core stabilized while performing an upper body motion. In the case of the medicine ball twist the motion is rotating the torso from side to side. This may seem simple at first but for most beginners, they are not able to isolate the core. If you feel this in the core and obliques you are doing it right, if you "don't feel it anywhere" you are not drawing in your core and focusing on the target muscles. As soon as the standing medicine ball twist is mastered, it can be added to other exercises such as lunges. To increase the difficulty of the medicine ball twist you can increase the size and/or weight of the medicine ball use an instable surface to stand on, or simply decrease your base stability by putting your feet together or standing on a single leg.


Required Fitness Equipment

Medicine Ball

Target Muscle(s)



Hip Flexors




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