Medicine Ball Abduction Plank

Adding a medicine ball to the plank increases the demand on various muscles for stabilization. Using a single leg on the medicine ball forces your core to work even more. Finally, adding single leg abduction/adduction is yet another progression to make the plank more difficult for the core as well as work your inner and outer thigh muscles and flexibility.

This medicine ball abduction plank is a great exercise to use in a core and abdominal workout. Another smart use for this exercise is to do it between other resistance training exercises in a circuit training workout. The larger and harder the medicine ball is (in addition to the hardness of the surface) the more difficult this exercise will be. In addition to medicine ball workouts, you can utilize the medicine ball as a substitute for any elevated surface such as a Reebok step.


medicine ball plank core exercise videos


Required Fitness Equipment

Medicine Ball

Target Muscle(s)

Core (Transverse Abdominis)



Shoulder Stabilizers

Lower Body Stabilization


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