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Although your back is one of the 3 largest muscle groups in the body although when people refer to 'the back' when talking about exercise, they usually separate the exercises into lower and upper back (or lat) exercises.

Across the world the lower back muscles seem to be the source of endless problems. It is easy to get an idea why if you take a quick look at the anatomy of the lower back.

The primary musculature of the lower back consists of the erector spinae muscle group (iliocastalis, longissimus & spinalis) which extends all the way from the hip to the base of the skull.  Combine the anatomy with the nerves of the spine and any misalignment or muscle strains involving this long muscle group could cause problems and back pain.

The above paragraph illustrates the importance of using proper form while tying these lower back exercise videos.  Most of the lower back exercises are multi-joint movements in which the lower back functions as a stabilizer in addition to providing movement.

Please be sure to use correct form and a slow tempo while doing low back exercises to lessen the chances of injury. It should go without saying to avoid using excessive weights until you have impeccable exercise form as well as begin with light weights and progress.

Barbell Lower Back Exercise Videos
Dead Lift
standard dead lifts


Sumo Dead Lift
sumo deads
Romanian Dead Lifts
Romanian Dead Lifts


Stability Ball Lower Back Exercise Videos
Ball Reverse Hyperextensions
Ball Reverse Hyperextensions
Ball Floor Reverse Back Extensions
ball floor reverse back extensions
Ball Lower Back Crunch
Ball Lower Back Crunch
Stability Ball Cobra
Stability Ball cobra
stability ball exercise videos workout video bosu  


BOSU Balance Trainer & Body Weight Lower Back Exercises
BOSU Back Crunch
BOSU Back Crunch
BOSU Cobra
bosu cobra
best exercise balls
Floor Prone Cobra
Floor Prone Cobra


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