Leg Scissors

Leg scissors is an exercise which is an attempt at working the lower abdominals. In addition to the lower abdominals the hip flexors are worked extensively. Since the leg scissors exercise is technically a hip flexor exercise your mental focus is going to determine whether or not you work your lower abdominals more than anything. In order to work your lower abdominals as much as possible make sure you keep your lower back in contact with the floor. This can be done by making sure your pelvis (hip bone) is rotated posteriorly (not arched). Keep your core drawn in and mentally focus on working your abdominals and make sure you keep your legs off the ground high enough so your lower back does not come off the ground but low enough so you can feel the burn in your lower abdominals




leg scissors lower ab exercise videosRequired Fitness Equipment


Target Muscle(s)

Lower Abs

Hip Flexors





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