High Tube Torso Rotation

The high tube torso rotation or overhead resistance band throw or whatever you want to name it is an exercise which targets the obliques as the primary motion is rotation of the torso. The way you perform this exercise is what determines whether or not it will be effective or not. If you follow the strict and controlled form which you see in the video it will be a great, burning exercise for the obliques. If you have sloppy form and perform it quickly and don't feel the muscles actually working, you will look like a circus act wasting your time. Make sure you keep strict form, keep your core drawn in and most importantly keep control during the duration of the movement. If you are looking to build explosive power this is probably not the best exercise.


high tube torso rotation oblique exercise videosRequired Fitness Equipment

Anchored Resistance Tube

Target Muscle(s)


Primary Stabilizers


Shoulder Stabilizers


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