Hex Bar Shrugs

Hex bar shoulder shrugs are probably the best exercise for the trapezius for those looking to lift the maximal amount of weight as well as develop the traps to the max. The reason why hex bar shrugs allows you to lift more than standard barbell shrugs is because the grip is not only easier but the hole in the center of the hex-bar automatically puts your hands and arms in the correct position to isolate the traps without the interference where the dumbbells or barbell rub against you. As it isolates the upper traps only, hex bar shrugs are rarely used for anything but building the upper trapezius muscle.


low cable front deltoid raises shoulder exercise videosRequired Fitness Equipment

Hex Bar

Target Muscle(s)

Upper Trapezius (Traps)

Levator Scapulae


Forearms (Grip)




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