Hanging Leg Raises

The hanging leg raise is commonly performed for lower abs workouts but unfortunately it is one of the exercises which is commonly performed incorrectly in gyms across the world. The improper way to perform the hanging raise is solely raising the knees up in a marching motion which is really only targeting the hip flexors and not the abdominals. The correct way to perform the exercise is to do a reverse abdominal crunch in which you contract your abdominals.

Hanging leg raises are primarily performed on 3 different pieces of equipment. The most common piece of equipment to perform hanging leg raise on is the Capitan's chair which lets you hang via your forearms and provides back support. The other 2 ways to perform them are hanging from a pull-up bar by either holding on to the bar or using a form of ab straps.


Hanging Leg Raises lower ab exercise videos

Required Fitness Equipment

Ab Slings or Overhead Bar

Target Muscle(s)

Lower & Upper Abs

Hip Flexors




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