Floor Prone Cobra

About the Form & Proper Execution of the Floor Prone Cobra

The floor prone cobra is an exercise which depends on proper form almost entirely.  Resistance in the form of very light dumbbells can be used but for most people the weight of their arms is enough to hit the target muscles in the mid-back.  To perform the prone cobra properly you must remember to keep your thumbs pointed up towards the ceiling as it will ensure your anterior shoulders don't protract.  Although you're working your glutes and lower back with the floor prone cobra, the primary target are the muscles which retract your scapula of your upper middle back.  Perform the floor prone cobra very slowly and under strict control.

Who should do them & When and Why to use the Floor Prone Cobra during a Workout

You can use the floor prone cobra as part of a dynamic warm-up for any workout.  It is also good to use in between sets of abdominal exercises during abs as it stretches the abdominals which are an antagonist.  Another good way to use the prone cobra is at the end of a shoulder and/or back workout.  When the muscles of the arms are engorged with blood and your body is fatigued the prone cobra is a great exercise to finish off your back and shoulder workout.  The reason it is such a good exercise is because it helps strengthen and stabilize the scapular retractors which are prone to muscle imbalance as they are typically lengthened and weakened because of excessive sitting.




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Target Muscle(s)

Rear Deltoids

Lower Back

Middle Trapezius


Lower Back



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