Dynamic Side Plank - Core Exercise

The side plank is an exercise for core stabilization that requires a static hold of the side plank position. The dynamic side plank simply adds a side bending movement at the hips. Those who are looking to tone their mid-section will find he dynamic side plank is one of the best exercises to tighten the mid-section and oblique areas. The dynamic side plank is everything the very ineffective dumbbell side bend exercise is not.

The dynamic movement is directly training the quadratus lumborum which is a deep core muscle. The quadratus lumborum which most people have never heard of is an integral part of the core. A weak quadratus lumborum can cause movement problems and injuries. Strengthening this muscle is very important for developing complete core strength along with exercises for the abdominals, obliques and core. You can do the dynamic side plank during any portion of your core workout.

It should be noted, that unless you have mastered the forum of the static side plank you should not progress to this more advanced core exercise. Make sure you can hold the static side plank for at least 30 seconds before you add any dynamic motion. You should be able to maintain an engaged core and tightly contracted gluteal muscles whenever you are in the side plank position.

When you perform the side plank you can either have one foot on the ground, the other resting on top or with both feet end to end on the ground. To make the dynamic side plank more difficult you may add resistance to the hip by holding a dumbbell or weight plate on top (as seen in the video). Placing the feet or arms on an unstable surface such as a BOSU balance trainer will also increase the challenge.


dynamic side plank core exercise videosEquipment Needed

Optional Weight

Target Muscle(s)

Quadratus Lumborum

Core (Transverse Abdominis)


Shoulder Stability




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