Dumbbell Wrist Extensions - Extension

Wrist extensions are for strengthening the wrist flexor muscles which can have a wrist strengthening effect along with the building of the forearms (wrist extensor) muscles. In addition to targeting the wrist extensor muscles, performing dumbbell wrist extensions can also help balance the ratio of extensor to flexor strength which may have implications for avoiding wrist and elbow injuries.

If you are doing both exercises, you should use a lighter weight for what you do with the wrist curls for these dumbbell wrist extensions because the muscles are smaller and weaker. Like all forearms exercises, wrist curls are entirely optional for the average fitness enthusiast. There are some people however in which forearm, wrist strengthening exercises are very important.

Forearm strengthening exercises are best performed at the end of whatever workout you are doing. Unless you are doing these exercises specifically for rehabilitation, there is very little reason to perform a forearms only workout. Doing forearms exercises before pulling exercises can limit your grip strength which in turn will limit your ability to use optimal weights. Doing forearms exercises before pushing exercises can also have a detrimental effect as the fatigue can destabilize your wrist which can be dangerous for exercises such as heavy bench press.

Dumbbell Wrist Extensions Safety Considerations

While the danger for acute injury is very low for this exercise, wrist extension is the same motion which causes carpal tunnel syndrome which is a local peripheral neuropathy which can be debilitating. If you have had carpal tunnel syndrome in the past be weary of performing this exercise. If the wrist extension begins hurting your wrists, stop immediately and seek professional advice.


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