Dumbbell Wrist Curls - Flexion

Dumbbell wrist curls work the wrist flexor muscles. In addition to adding to the shape of the forearms for those interested in "Popeye arms" forearms resistance training exercises help build extra strength which can improve wrist stability and grip strength.

Dumbbell wrist curls can be used during any workout but it is recommended to only use them at the end of a workout as they can significantly weaken grip strength which may have implications for other exercises. If you do dumbbell wrist curls before dead lift or pull ups for example, you will not be able to grip the bar very well and will not be able to perform as many reps for the target muscle groups.

If you choose to do forearm exercises make sure to work both forearms flexors and extensors. Since the wrist flexors are often overworked during any pulling exercises, they can become overly strong compared to the smaller and weaker wrist extensors. This muscle imbalance can cause problems with the nerves and joints of the wrist and elbow.

The muscles of the forearms are often overlooked in even the most serious workout programs. While many people can get away with never doing a single forearm isolating exercise, others are missing out. Anyone who is involved in a sport such as baseball which requires you to hold onto something will benefit from performing forearms exercises.


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Target Muscle(s)

Wrist Flexors




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