Dual BOSU Squat Shoulder Press

If doing 2 compound exercises at once with cable squat shoulder press was not difficult enough you can add a balance component by standing on dual BOSUs. While the dual BOSU squat shoulder press may not be a reason to go out of your way to put the BOSU balance trainers in position, if the workout is already involving dual BOSU balls, you can add them to the mix to place extra demand on the 'other' leg muscles such as the adductors and abductors which are forced to work more by balancing on the BOSUs.


dual bosu squat shoulder press exercises Required Fitness Equipment

2 BOSU Balance Trainers

Target Muscle(s)


Glutes, Hamstrings

Deltoids, Triceps


Inner/Outer Thighs, Calves (Stabilizers)

Core (Transverse Abdominis)



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