Chest Fly - Dumbbell Pec Flies

The chest fly or pec flies are an isolation exercise for the pecs meaning that the only primary mover is the pecs. Unlike pressing exercises such as the bench press the triceps and anterior deltoids do not play such a major roll in pec flies if performed properly. This allows you to really focus on the chest muscles. The chest fly is not an exercise which is used for strengthening but almost exclusively used for muscle building.

If you have goals of building explosive strength or power, chest flies are not going to be a staple of your chest exercise program. If your have bodybuilding goals such as increasing the size or definition of your chest, the dumbbell chest fly is an invaluable exercise. Doing multiple angles of dumbbell chest flies along with cable crossover flies should be done every chest workout.

Since chest flies are an isolation exercise, the vast majority of the time they should be started after any pressing exercises although once in a while doing them before can be of benefit. Doing the isolation chest fly before doing presses will really test the strength of your synergists, the triceps and anterior deltoids as the prime mover (pecs) is previously fatigued.

dumbbell chest fliesRequired Fitness Equipment



Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Biceps (stabilizers)


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