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What Muscles are the  Exercise Videos for?

First of all, if you are looking to lose your man boobs or gyno, none of these chest exercises are going to be much help. Why? Most cases of man boobs are related to excess body fat. Learn all about that here. While resistance training exercises such as these will strengthen and build the chest and can be part of a body fat reduction program, alone they will NOT spot reduce fat on your chest or rid you of gynecomastia.

When you hear 'chest exercises' it is usually referring to the pushing muscle group of the upper body. The 3 major muscles involved during 'chest exercises' are the pectoralis major (or pecs for short), the deltoids (mostly front portion) and triceps brachii

If the exercise form is correct the pecs should always be the prime mover for exercises targeting the chest but the anterior deltoids almost always play the role of a synergist. During multi-joint pressing exercises in which there is movement at 2 joints (elbow & shoulder) the triceps also play the role of synergist in addition to the anterior deltoids.

While the triceps play the roll of synergist during the compound, multi-joint pressing exercises such as push-ups and bench press, it is the biceps which are called to action as a stabilizer during the chest fly motion. The motion of chest flies is an isolation movement for the pecs as the elbows are fixed. The biceps simply isometrically (neither lengthen nor shorten) contract to stabilize the arms while you work the pecs. You will notice that almost all the chest exercise videos are either a fly or a press.

What are the Exercise Videos for?

Since the chest muscle group is one of the (big 3) 3 largest muscle groups for resistance training (including the legs & back) it is important for everyone to include some chest exercises in their workout program. This includes everyone from women trying to lose a few pounds to fat guys who are trying to lose weight to skinny pencil neck kids trying to put on some muscle mass.

While anyone can and should incorporate any of these chest exercises in their workout program, how much chest training volume (What You Need-to-Know About Training Volume) is going to very.

For example, an obese woman who is trying to boost her metabolism during a weight loss program is not going to be doing 15 sets of chest exercises per workout that a bulking bodybuilder would likely be doing.

Which Exercises to do?

There is a wide variety of chest exercises which are performed using a variety of fitness equipment. Start with the exercises which look easy and when you can perform them flawlessly, increase the weight or move on to another, progressively difficult exercise. The many chest exercise options available should help you avoid monotony and keep your workouts fun.

Regardless of whether or not you are a hardcore bodybuilder nobody is going to want to do all 40 + chest exercises during one workout. Most of the chest exercises are variations of the press and fly performed at different angles and on different surfaces with different forms of resistance. Confused? You shouldn't be.

As mentioned before how many and which chest exercises you do largely depends on your specific fitness goals. Most of the time when people work their chest they do a couple different pressing exercises (usually at different angles) and follow it by a couple chest fly motions. How many sets and reps (learn more about sets here) you do is always going to depend on your fitness goals and your training split. (All About Strength Training Splits)

Important Safety Precautions when doing the Chest Exercise Videos

First and foremost, since every chest exercise involves the shoulder joint, those with shoulder injuries should be wary of including many chest exercises in their workout program. If you have shoulder issues you should seek the help of an injury or rehabilitation specialist before you continue. Most likely you will be prescribed some exercises for your rotator cuff which will help you either strengthen or stretch the small muscles which stabilize your shoulder.

Another issue with chest exercises which is very common is muscle imbalances and poor posture. Learn more about posture issues here. Although it is very common many people are not aware that their posture contraindicates chest exercises. Chest exercises could further worsen the protracted shoulder girdle (i.e. hunched back) which is usually do to prolonged sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

Last but not least is the obvious. Since many dumbbell and barbell chest exercises have heavy weights at or near your head, chest and neck, you should always exercise extreme caution while performing certain chest exercises. If you want to max out on bench press, use a spotter. Do the same if you want to try one of the chest exercise videos which is new to you and you are unsure about the form. Always use weights that you know you can handle if you are just a beginner and you will benefit from a great variety of pecs exercises.


Body Weight Exercises for the Chest
Push-ups Floor
Push-ups w/ Rotation
Push-ups with Rotation
Clapping Push-ups
clapping push-ups
Foam Roll Push-ups
foam roll pushups
Dual Foam Roll PushUps
Dual Foam Roll Pushups
Staggered Push-Ups
Staggered hand Pushups
Wall Handstand Push-Ups
Wall Handstand Pushups
Push-Ups Feet Elevated
pushups with feet elevated
Bench Push Ups
Bench Pushups
Beginner Spiderman Pushups
Beginner Spiderman Pushups
Spiderman Push-ups
Spiderman Pushups
Feet Elevated Spiderman Pushups
Elevated Spiderman Pushups

Barbell Chest Exercise Videos
Foam Roll Bench Press
foam roll bench press
Barbell Incline Stability Chest Press
stability ball incline barbell bench
Barbell Stability Ball Chest Press
stabiilty ball barbell bench press
Barbell Bridge Decline
flat decline bench press
Incline Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Barbell Bench Press
bench press
Barbell Bridge Decline Superset
Bridge Decline Superset
3 Grip Barbell Bench Press
3 grip bench press increase the lift


Stability Ball Exercises for the Chest
Stability Ball Push-ups (hands on ball)
stability ball chest press
Dual Stability Ball Push-ups
dual stability ball pushups
Stability Ball Push-ups (feet on ball)
stability ball push-ups feet on ball
Stability Crunch Push Ups
stability ball crunch push-ups
Stability Ball Incline Dumbbell Fly
incline stability fly
Dual Stability Ball Flies

Exercises for the Chest on the BOSU Balance Trainer
BOSU Gorilla Push-Ups
bosu gorilla
(Iso Lateral ) One Arm on BOSU Push-Ups
bosu 1 arm push-ups
Advanced BOSU Push-Ups
advanced bosu pushups
Round BOSU Ball Push-ups
bosu round pushups
Flat Side BOSU Push-ups
flat side bosu pushups
Dual BOSU ball push-ups (hands & feet on BOSU)


Exercises for the Chest with Medicine Balls
Medicine PushUps Stability Crunches
medicine pushups w/ stability ball rotation pushups
3 Medicine Ball Push-ups
3 medicine ball pushups
Medicine Ball Iso Push-ups
Medicine Ball Push-ups
Dual Medicine Ball Push-ups
dual medicine ball push-ups
Medicine Ball Chest Press
medicine ball chest press

Dumbbell Exercises for the Chest
Dumbbell Stability Ball Bench Press
dumbbell stability chest press
Dumbbell Iso-lateral Bench Press
iso dumbbell chest press
Incline Purvis Press
Incline purvis press
Dumbbell Incline Chest Fly
db incline chest fly
Dumbbell PushUp Rows
dumbbell pushup with rows
Staggered Dumbbell Row PushUps
Staggered Dumbbell Row Pushups
Dumbbell Incline Stability Ball Bench Press
dumbbell incline stability ball chest press
Stability Ball Dumbbell Chest Fly
swiss ball dumbbell chest fly
Dumbbell Chest Fly
dumbbell chest fly


Cable & Resistance Band Exercises for the Chest
Cable Chest Press
cable chest press
Low Cable Stability Ball Chest Fly
Cable Multi Push Pull
Tube Chest Press
Tube Chest Press

Close Grip Tube Triceps Press
Close Grip Band Press
Cable Push Pull
cable push pull
Cable Chest Fly
cable chest fly
Incline Purvis Press
Incline purvis press
Cable Multi Press
cable iso multi press
Cable Decline Chest Press
cable decline chest press

Total Gym Exercises for the Chest
Total Gym Push-Ups
total Gym Pushups
Total Gym Chest Fly
Total Gym Chest Press
Total Gym Knee Tuck Pushups
Total Gym Knee Tuck Pushups


Exercises for the Chest with the TRX. Power Sled & More
Power Sled Chest Press
Power Sled Chest Press
Power Sled Chest Fly
Power Sled Chest Fly
TRX Suspension Trainer Push-ups
trx suspension trainer push-ups
Bongo Board Push Ups
Bongo Board Push-ups
Perfect Push-Ups
Perfect Pushups

(As Seen on TV)
Power Ring Chest Dips



Exercise Videos

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