Calf SMFR Foam Roller

Tight calves are a problem in many people especially women who wear high heals. Another likely candidate for tight calves is someone who walks or runs a lot but doesn't stretch the calves. Regardless of the reason why your calf muscles are tight not correcting it can put your at the risk of various problems such as the very painful and debilitating shin splints.

Self Myofascial release (SMFR) is an effective way to release the tension in the target muscles by yourself using a foam roller and your body weight. You can perform the SMFR by either placing both calves on the foam roller and lifting your hips off of the floor to use the pressure of the weight of your legs. If putting both calves on the foam roll doesn't suffice, you can put one leg on top of the other to increase the pressure.

It is best practice to completely roll out the back and side of the lower leg which includes not only the gastrocnemius but the soleus and 3 peroneal muscles. It is advisable to perform the SMFR techniques before or after your workouts and accompany them with static stretching for the same muscles.

calf smfr foam rollerEquipment Needed

Foam Roll


Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Peroneals


Self MyoFascial Release

Flexibility / Massage Technique


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