Cable Sit Ups

Sit-ups were the preferred abdominal exercise for decades but seemed to fade away in favor of crunches in recent years. The downfall of the sit-up is just as much due to our expanding waistlines as negative aspects of the exercise so whether or not you benefit is dependent upon your fitness goals. If your fitness goal is to improve the strength or appearance of your abdominal muscle then abs crunches are the way to go. If you require the strength needed to sit up from a lying position, sit-ups are going to be your best bet.

If regular sit-ups on the floor are becoming easy for you, cable sit-ups increase the challenge by adding resistance from a different angle. The resistance coming from an angle which is pulling horizontally backwards is more difficult to overcome than the resistance of a weight plate as with plate-sit-ups. In addition to adding resistance to the abdominal muscles during the sit-up, cable sit-ups can involve a chest/shoulder press for the chest shoulders and triceps.

Because of the high difficulty level of this exercise which is compounded with the awkward angle, cable sit-ups should be performed at the beginning of a workout before fatigue has set in. It is worth mentioning again: If your primary fitness goal is to strengthen or aesthetically improve abdominal muscle, exercises like the BOSU crunch are far superior to any form of sit-up but if your goal is to improve the power of sitting up from the floor, these cable sit-ups are a great choice in your workout routine.


bicycle crunches 6pack ab exercise videos six pack absEquipment Needed

Free Motion / Dual Low Cable Setup


Abdominals (Rectus Abdominis)

Hip Flexors


Shoulders, Triceps


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