Cable Forearms Killer

This aptly named cable forearms killer is simply a set which alternates wrist flexion and wrist extension on a low cable pulley. The exercise can be performed from any position which allows you to support your forearms on your thighs. This includes sitting on a ball or bench as well as squatting down. The cable forearms killer is a great way to fatigue the forearms at the end of a workout because the resistance is constant. If a low cable pulley set-up is not handy, dumbbells can be substituted.

Working the forearms is not on the top of anyone's exercise to do list but it it can be important. Strengthening the forearms can help improve grip and when you have a strong grip, you will become more efficient at performing most pulling exercises from pull-ups to dead lifts. In addition to the grip strengthening effect, the cable forearms killer does a great job at 'pumping up' the entire forearms musculature which if added at the end of a workout could also help you build the size of your forearms.


cable forearms killer exercise videos workoutEquipment Needed


Target Muscle(s)

Wrist Extensors

Wrist Flexors






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