BOSU Twisting Crunch

If a completely developed, flat and toned abdomen is on your fitness wish list, the BOSU twisting crunch should be in your exercise program. By using the rounded surface of the BOSU for your back, you allow your abdominals to go through more range of motion when compared to a floor crunch. This allows BOSU twisting crunches to thoroughly work your abdominals, core and obliques in a single set.

The standard BOSU crunch should be mastered before attempting this progression. The exercise gives an extremely intense burin the abdominal region so it is a good idea to perform supermans, the BOSU cobra or some exercise for the antagonist in between sets to stretch out the abdominals in addition to working the target muscles. The BOSU twisting crunch is a great addition to any abdominals workout program.

BOSU twisting Crunch 6pack ab exercise videos six pack absEquipment Needed

BOSU Balance Trainer


Abdominals (Rectus Abdominis)





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