BOSU Twisting Lunges

During BOSU workouts the BOSU balance trainer can be used simply as a form of resistance rather than something to stand on or lay on. This is exactly how it is used during BOSU twisting lunges. During this movement, one of the most effective leg exercises, the walking lunge is combined here with a basic torso twist. With the added resistance of the BOSU balance trainer the exercise becomes even more challenging. An added benefit to using the BOSU as resistance is you can easily transition into another exercise such as BOSU platform push-ups.

You can perform the torso twist with the BOSU held against your chest but to increase the difficulty of BOSU twisting lunges you can simply extend your arms out further, holding the BOSU as far as you can away from your body. Another progression to these lunges is the very challenging BOSU lunge, push-up. BOSU lunges with a twist can be performed at any point in a leg workout. They are especially good for a dynamic warm up for advanced individuals.


bosu twsiting lunges leg exercise videos combination exercises workouts videoEquipment Needed

BOSU Balance Trainer


Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps

Anterior Deltoids





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