BOSU Ball Stability Plank - Exercise Video & Instruction

While some people look at various progressions of core exercises and ask the question "why?" others dare to ask "why not?" It may seem that using both BOSU balance trainer and stability ball together for an advanced progression to the plank is on the verge of ridiculous but on the other hand, if you are able to do the stability ball plank with ease and there is a BOSU nearby, adding another source of instability is going to make the exercise slightly more difficult.

This is not to say that you should make it a point to focus on exercises such as this BOSU ball stability plank for your workouts, but if the opportunity presents itself, there is more reasons to do than reasons not to do them. In addition to adding more instability to work your core and various other muscles to stabilize, using multiple pieces of equipment is more fun for most people and can increase workout morale. As mentioned before, if you are working out your core and you have both the BOSU & stability ball handy you can perform this plank at any time during your workout.

BOSU Stability Plank Safety Considerations

Other than putting stress on your lower back if performed improperly there are no real imminent dangers when performing this exercise if you use common sense. When you work with a stability ball there is always a chance you could lose your balance and fall so make sure the immediate area is free from clutter. Have at least a few feet of free space on each side and if there is something nearby, make sure it will not hurt you if you fall on it.

bosu ball stability plank core exercise videosEquipment Needed

Stability Ball

BOSU Balance Trainer


Core (Transverse Abdominis)

Primary Stabilizers

Shoulder Stabilizers

Ankle Stabilizers


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