BOSU Balance Crunches

About Proper Form & Execution of BOSU 360 Jumping Squats

First of all it should go without saying that the BOSU 360 jumping squats are a progression from squats and BOSU squats.  Once regular BOSU squats are mastered then this 360 jump can be added.  One precaution to consider is anyone with previous serious knee or ankle problems could be at risk from this exercise so use caution or simply use another exercise.

As with most squats, the form of these squats requires a neutral back and tight core.  During the downward phase of these squats, the knees should not move forward too much and pass the toes.

BOSU balance Crunch 6pack ab exercise videos six pack absEquipment Needed

BOSU Balance Trainer


Rectus Abdominis

Primary Stabilizers




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