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Bongo Board Push Ups

How to Execute Bongo Board Push-ups Properly

The most important thing about the form and execution of bongo board push-ups is due to a safety issue and although it may seem obvious, please MAKE SURE YOUR FINGERS ARE NOT IN A PLACE WHERE THEY CAN BE SMASHED.  It is difficult to maintain balance on both hands and if you wrap your fingers around the board in the wrong place, they could be smashed with all your body weight when you lose your balance.  During bongo board push-ups you should also make sure you place your hands on the bongo board in a manner which doesn't hurt your joints. 

As far as the actual form of the exercise goes, performing the movement perfectly means optimal range of motion.  Optimal range of motion for any push-up involves lowering your chest as low as possible.  If you are able to actually touch your chest on the bongo board during the downward phase of the bongo board push-up it would be optimal.  Another tip which goes for all push-ups including the floor push-up is maintaining an erect and neutral posture.  It can be difficult to do this while balancing on the bongo board but make sure you keep your core tight and gluteal muscles activated so you help strengthen your core as well as avoid injury of your lower back.

Who should do them & When and Why to use Bongo Board Push-ups

Bongo board push-ups are definitely not for the beginner.  Anyone who has at least moderate strength in the chest and triceps can attempt the bongo board push-ups and even then, if the core muscles are weak, the exercise will be incredibly challenging.  When to perform bongo board push-ups in a workout depends on many factors including the daily training split.  The reasons for anyone to consider the bongo board push-ups in their arsenal of chest, triceps and shoulder exercises are increased core and shoulder stabilizer integration as well as simply adding yet another chest exercise for variety to chest.

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Required Fitness Equipment

Bongo Board

Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)

Triceps, Anterior Deltoids



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