Bench Press

Perhaps the most common exercise performed in gyms across the world is the bench press. There are numerous reasons as to why bench presses are so popular. The first reason is because the pectoral muscles are a "showcase muscle" for many men. Whether a guy is on the beach or wearing a sportcoat, a well developed chest is a sign of strength and virility. Another reason why the bench press is popular is because it is one of the 3 lifts of powerlifting competitions. Yet another reason why the bench press is popular is because it is one of the "ego lifts" that everyone asks about and everyone knows about.

Regardless of why the bench press is popular, it (or a form of it) is one of the primary compound lifts in the vast majority of exercise programs, from athletes, to bodybuilders to those simply looking to get in shape. The bench press is the exercise in which you can use the most resistance for the large muscle group of the chest, anterior deltoids and triceps.

Aside from the obvious benefit for competitive powerlifters, the bench press is most important for those who need to have strength in the target muscles for their sport-specific activity such as an lineman in American football or shot put thrower. Due to the fact that the bench press involves a lot of muscle mass it is even a great all-around exercise for those interested in fat loss or general fitness.

Whether you are an athlete who is constantly trying to figure out how to bench press more or just the average male or female fitness enthusiast, doing the bench press at the beginning of any workout involving the chest is recommended. Since the bench press requires the entire muscle group and can use a significant amount of resistance doing it after fatiguing other muscles such as the anterior deltoids and triceps can be dangerous unless pre-fatiguing the synergists is your advanced strategy to isolate the pecs more.

bench pressEquipment Needed


Loaded Barbell


Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Anterior Deltoids

Triceps Brachii


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