Advanced BOSU Push-Ups

If you have 2 BOSU balance trainers at hand, you can use them to perform a variety of push-ups. This example of  advanced BOSU push-ups involve plyometric clapping push-ups and even double clapping push-ups. These are just a small sample of what is possible while using the bosu balance trainer for chest exercises.

The advanced BOSU push-ups can be performed at any point of your BOSU workout but if generating explosive power is your goal, do them first so fatigue will not be a factor. Most beginners will not be able to perform this exercise without mastering the very first progressions. If you are physically ready, you can give this explosive, challenging exercise a try.

upside down bosu push-upsRequired Fitness Equipment

2 BOSU Balance Trainers

Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Anterior Deltoids


 Shoulder Stabilizers



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