Advanced Bicycle Maneuver

The advanced bicycle maneuver is simply a more difficult way to perform the standard bicycle maneuver. The reason why it is more difficult is because it requires you to lift the mass of your torso off of the ground and balance. It is advanced because most people who first start doing ab exercises have neither the strength nor the balance to execute this movement. Good news is it can be worked up to, especially if you are not overweight.

Proper Form & Execution of the Advanced Bicycle Maneuver

To perform the advanced bicycle maneuver properly you have to lift your shoulders off of the ground. Start from a seated position with your hands behind your head, slowly lie backwards and lift your feet off of the floor simultaneously. Once you are able to balance on the floor with just your butt and a small portion of your lower back on the floor, twist your torso to one direction bringing your elbow towards your knee. Perform as many reps as you can before your abdominals are burning.

How to use the Advanced Bicycle Maneuver in your Workout Program

As with any abdominal exercises, you mustn't have the notion that it will burn fat off your mid section. If you are looking to increase strength in your abdominals or you have little fat and you want more definition, the advanced bicycle maneuver can be performed at any point during your workouts. Use it as part of an abs exercise program or simply do it in between resistance training exercises as part of a circuit training program. One word of caution; if you plan to lift heavy weights later in your workout, specifically heavy load bearing exercises such as squats or dead lifts, fatiguing your abdominal muscles before the workout could increase the risk of back injuries. Otherwise the advanced bicycle maneuver is a safe exercise for all healthy individuals.

advanced bicycle maneuver 6pack ab exercise videos six pack absRequired Fitness Equipment


Target Muscle(s)

Rectus Abdominis



Hip Flexors





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