Adductors SMFR Foam Roller

Proper Form & Execution of the adductor SMFR Foam Roller Technique

Some people find it quite tricky to get in the right position to roll out the adductor complex.  The best and easiest way is to get in the plank position with your hips parallel with the floor and place the foam roll out to the side facing away from you at around a 45 degree angle.  Externally rotate the hip you wish to roll out and bring it up towards the foam roll until you are resting your inner thigh up towards your groin on the foam roller.  Let your inner thigh muscles relax (although it may be painful) and slowly move your whole body so your leg is in contact on the foam roll at all the points from your groin to your knee.

More about using the foam roller on the Adductor Complex

Those with tight adductors can find using the foam roller can be quite painful.  If this is the case, keep in mind that the pain is only going to be temporary as the point of the foam roller Self Myo Fascial Release (SMFR) technique is to rid your body of knots which cause the muscles to not only have less than optimal flexibility but can impair the movement of the agonist muscle groups.

adductors smfr foam roll foam roller

Equipment Needed

Foam Roll


Adductor Complex (Inner Thighs, Groin)



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